Founded in 2018, Oli Capital is a leading Sydney-based boutique investment house and fund management firm.

Oli Capital is a boutique fund management company that manages wholesale funds that invest in both Australian and international assets. Our fund management team has extensive experience in listed equity investment across the major exchanges globally. We conduct extensive financial market and equity research across the globe, predominately on the ASX.

Who Is Oli Capital


Oli is the name of Oli Capital's founder, Luo Qi's first daughter. The initial purpose of Oli Capital was to develop a long-term investment that can grow with the little girl. Our director wishes all the best to this company and treats it in the same way as he cherishes his own daugther.

Parents always want their children to grow up but not too fast, stay healthy and keep a sharp mind, so does Oli Capital. We also want to develop strategies that keep gaining profit, but we also want a healthy increasing rate that is sustainable.


To achieve this goal, we are committed to the sector that our team has abundant expertise, being the stock market. All the stocks that our funds invest into have been and will be carefully analysised and studied by our analysts and we are devoted to maximise our ability to catch the next market pulse.