We believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture matters to our clients. Over the past three years, to promote sustainable growth, we have been transforming our organisation to work more effectively both globally and regionally. Moving to an integrated matrix organisation has required a shift in skills, capabilities, and behaviours.

Delivering the best results for our clients heavily relies on the most talented people we recruited and retained. Over the past year, we have rolled out the curriculum globally across all our functions and at multiple levels, building a pool of local talent in our Asia and Africa regions. Additionally, for some of our future leaders, we have invested in executive coaching to provide focused and intensive leadership development support to drive specific behavioural shifts.

Our People are Our Greatest Asset

Our people defined who we are.

Our Core Team


Luo Qi

CEO & Founder

Qi Luo, the founder of Oli Capital, is currently the executive director and CEO of Oli Capital. He has successfully helped a number of companies with initial public offerings on the Australian Stock Exchange and served as director of the listed companies and investment fund manager. As Executive Director of the Australia-China Financial Exchange Association, Mr. Luo Qi has been committed to China-Australia economic and cultural exchanges and cross-border capital operations in the Asia-Pacific region.


Chris Li

Senior Investment Manager

Chris is a Master of Financial Engineering.  He has participated in and is responsible for a number of IPOs and acquisitions. He has managed the fundraising and investment of three funds. The investment projects include Hechuang Technology, Green Power, Jingjin Electric, Caitong Securities, Tianneng Energy, etc., are familiar with the capital markets of China, Hong Kong, and Australia, and have rich experience in the operation of the primary and secondary markets.

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Dave Cornford

Equity Investment Manager

Dave has a bachelor's degree in business and holds certifications as a financial products and derivatives Adviser. Prior to Oli Capital, he worked at Ord Minnett, where he managed Private Wealth investment portfolios for clients and served as a consultant to several companies assisting in mergers and acquisitions. He has rich money management experience and strong ties to several large brokerage firms.

Our Analyst Team

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Bowen Shi

Senior Financial Analyst

Bowen graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a master's degree in accounting and a bachelor's degree from Shanghai Lixin Finance School. He used to work as a credit account manager at China Everbright Bank Shanghai Branch, and engaged in financial market analysis and in-depth industry research at Oli Capital. With extensive experience, he has performed well in risk assessment and financial report analysis.


Maxine Fan

Risk Control Manager

Maxine has been engaged in multiple projects during her previous positions in fund, consulting firm and Australian local broker. She is currently responsible for the funds’ risk management and participates in the industry analysis as well. She has a Bachelor of Financial Engineering degree and a postgraduate degree from University of Sydney, specialised in Business Analytics and Finance. She has passed all the exams of FRM and CFA.


Rockson Luo

Financial Analyst

Rockson graduated from the University of New South Wales with a master degree in business analytics and obtained a bachelor degree in finance from the University of Western Australia. He is dedicated in using business theory frameworks to conduct research on markets and industries.  With the SAS international business statistics and analytics certificate, he is applying his expertise in data visualisation to analyse the insights in financial markets.


Audrey Jie

Financial Analyst

Audrey has the background in finance and business analytics in the University of Sydney.  She also has rich operating experience in stocks, forex market. As an financial analyst, she had substantial professional knowledge, outstanding personal abilities and qualities, strong learning ability, adaptability and resistance to stress. She is also skilful in use python, excel and other software to collect, sort, analyse display and mine data, and establish relevant statistical models and mathematical model.

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Brian Yue

Financial Analyst

Brian focuses on the listed company in healthcare and energy sectors,specialises in analysing quantitative data, conducting in-depth industry research and creating meaningful report. He is also good at observing macro trends and selecting companies with high growth potential He holds Master of Commerce degree in big data and finance — University of Sydney.

Our Marketing & Admin Team


Benton Cheung

PR&IR Manager

With 4 years of experience in financial public relations, Benton has won the first prize of the national PR competition. After graduation, she participated in IPO assistance and annual IR projects of many Chinese A-share companies. Good at helping companies do a good job of public opinion crisis management and financing promotion. At the same time, she is responsible for the main operations of the China-Australia Financial Securities Association.